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How We Work

Your goal will be our goal.  We will adhere to our client’s requirements and manage everything within the absolute best. We let you help create the best campaign based on your requirements. Do not hesitate to share your budget. Our team will develop a strategy to help you lead the campaign in an effective way, giving you more sales within the budget you prefer. You can run and stop your campaign anytime. This is the best thing about Google Adwords. We will suggest our clients choose specialized targeting PPC campaigns based on their targeted customers. You choose and we will plan for you.

Ppc can be a budget burning task if not managed rigorously. Rayyan digital marketing scrutinizes the important factors of client’s products and services plan and set up effective campaigns on their requirements and budget and targeting effective customers.

a)    Keyword research: PPC is game of bidding and organizing keywords in ad and ad group, doing proper keyword analysis is a lucrative initiative for any company to run an effective campaign and increase traffic to your website.

b)    Setting up a campaign: based on clients requirements and business niche we will guide our clients to choose effective campaign method based on targeting location, audiences and based on your budget too.

c)    Tracking codes and analytics: PPC has many codes in order to track the customers and do re-marketing. It’s a tedious task but we will look after all the tracking codes and deliver good PPC performances end of the day.

d)    Constant optimization: after creating a campaign, the goal is to reach the target audience and it’s effective only if we monitor on our performances. Our team will have a constant check on campaign performance and do changes if necessary.

e)    Conversions: all the above process is mandatory for a campaign to run effectively but nothing beats than the proper conversions ratio. Our little black diary makes a note of these criteria and works on landing pages to get maximum conversions.

f)    Giving reports: our relationship with clients is crystalline, it’s our duty to send a daily report and keep informed about campaign performances and let them know how effectively their money is utilized in campaigns.

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